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Neuromarketing is the combination of Neuroscience and Consumer Psychology

Neuromarketing examines the subconscious activity that takes place when we make a purchase. 

Our likes & dislikes, emotional responses and personal preferences, all use very specific areas of the brain, which can be seen by using tools such as a Functional MRI (fMRI) and Electroencephalogram (EEG)

This gives us an insight into what really goes on under the threshold of the conscious mind. 


What We Offer

Perception Hidden explores the marketing possibilities for a company with a special focus on consumer buying behaviour and reasoning. We use data and analytics to look closely at consumer activity and their perception of your product or service.

We implement unique Neuromarketing techniques, which examine every situation with different perspectives and precise detail to uncover solutions that often go missed.

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Build an optimized website for you, tailored to fit your business goals

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UI/UX & Content analysis of your website to improve 
its performance and Google ranking

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Develop a detailed content calendar across all social media platforms to boost metrics and engagement

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Create an intricate strategy to roll out multiple ad sets, prioritizing on return on investment

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Build or strengthen your brand with in-depth research, planning and execution

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Generate high quality, optimized content for websites, social media or blogs

Companies that have used Neuromarketing

To increase sales


To strengthen brand image


To boost user experience

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